iPhone crashing on Dec. 2? Here’s the fix!

Some iOS users reporting springboard crashes on December 2, 2017. If you’re one of them, here’s what’s happening and what you can do to fix it!

If you have an App Store app installed that sends local notifications, once you hit December 2, 2017 local time, your iPhone could begin to crash.

What’s a local notification?

Local notifications are part of the notification options available to App Store apps. They differ from remote notifications in that they don’t come from internet services.

With local notifications, your app configures the notification details locally and passes those details to the system, which then handles the delivery of the notification when your app is not in the foreground

They’re most commonly used to alert you to things an App Store app wants you to do, like mediate, feed your in-game creatures, or handle a to-do.

This only applies to App Store apps, not built-in apps like Clock?

That’s what it looks like. All reports so far have to do with apps downloaded from the App Store using Apple’s local notification API.

How can you fix this?

If you don’t have any third-party apps sending you local notifications, you may not have any crashes. If you do, until Apple pushes a proper patch, you have two options and will need to pick the one that’s least onerous to you.

  1. Turn off notifications for all apps that use local notifications. (This will affect your ability to stay up to date with those apps.)
  2. Change your date back to a point in time before December 2, 2017. (This will affect your ability to keep track of calendar appointments, receive iMessages properly, play some games, and many other basic functions.)

Is iOS 11.2 beta affected?

iOS 11.2 seems to have the fix. If you want to try that as an option, you can get on the public beta by visiting https://beta.apple.com

Will Do Not Disturb help?

No. Turning on DND won’t help with this particular bug.

How do you turn off notifications for an app?

This is potentially the most time consuming but least problematic solution:

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Tap on the app you want to disable.
  4. Toggle off Allow Notifications.
  5. Repeat for all the apps you want to disable.

How do you change your date back on iOS?

This is the fastest solution but can and will cause any number of other issues, including messing up your Calendar and Messages apps, and causing some games to malfunction.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Date & Time.
  4. Toggle off Set Automatically.
  5. Tap on Date and Time
  6. Set it back a day or several.

Why does this keep happening?

Seriously. You’d figure Apple would have torn any all time-based code apart by now and stamped all of this out. Once is a bug. Twice is a bad bug. More than that, it’s a problem beyond the code.

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